Thursday, September 10, 2009



How are the concepts technology, self, and society defined in the two readings for today?

from: "New Playgrounds: Augmented Reality Story Worlds" by Gary Hayes

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  1. After reading Dinah Boyd’s Technologies in Everyday Life

    The author is defining how technology is quickly redefining who we are and how we communicate as a society.
    We are so enchanted by the numerous social networks, such as myspace and facebook, that we tend to overlook all risk and dangers, i.e. privacy issues and old internet posts. We use these sites to work our daily social “magic”, but what if the “magic” is only a mirage of a true human relationship. The author writes, ” Perhaps our technologies are nothing more than pitiful efforts to replicate the magic that we do not fully understand.”
    The author also discusses how we take cues from parents, mass media and other influences to shape our individual framework and social norms. As we age, our values and responsibilities begin to change and shape the role we eventually play in society. The author also addresses how the social media has segmented the populace into four key life stages. The media uses similar life stage models to sell, design, and produce new products for a particular customer base.

    In the second reading by Ethan Zuckerman
    Technology, self and society really come together when people use cell phones. Cell phones can be used to coordinate street rallies, catch corrupt government officials, and raise campaign money. Without the use of cell phones the voices and struggles of the common man may go completely unnoticed. I think the many uses of the cell phone, especially in non-democratic societies, has only just begun.
    Also, the reading shows us “self” using technology (cellphones) to reshape present society or to bring social change.