Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being “in class” on a Skype and Second life it has been an interesting experience.

While I’m on Skype I have to be more aware of what it’s going on. Being in front of the teacher helps me a lot to understand the subject of the class and makes me feel more relax and confident. Once I’m on Skype and I get a direct question from the teacher there is not escape. When I see myself reflected on the blackboard I feel like I’m the focus of the class and it feels weird.

Second life is a different story. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Boston or China, I’m in the same situation as everybody else in the class. I can get away with flying, dancing, laughing and still be part of the class and even watch Miss Lori dancing in a club or dressing really nice.

I have to thank technology. I never though I was going to be in a class while being thousands of miles away and still be able to participate and feel like I was part of it. So far it has been a great experience.


  1. I definitely agree that having the whole class learning together in Second Life was a fun experience. As you said, Kavilla, one was free to dance, fly, laugh etc. while still learning. However, I found it more difficult to be the only one in Second Life while everyone else is in class. Last week, when I was sick and actually still got to attend class by being present in Second Life, it was hard for me to fully understand the other people in the room. On the flip side, I was still able to be a part of the discussion as well as able to think about what was discussed. For the most part, technology has greatly influenced and changed my learning experience.

  2. This is great commentary, but it brings up a question for me, did you find that it was the same experience rather than actually sitting in a class room? Does technology cater to any of your learning needs better than the traditional student-teacher in class room relationship?