Monday, November 9, 2009

Technology Matters, chapters 1-2

What I found to be most interesting in these first few chapters of Technology Matters, was the idea of certain societies rejecting modern technology. Thinking about my own technological usage, I can't really imagine not using technology. The author writes, "Students have often told me that the spread of television or the Internet was 'inevitable.' Likewise, most people find the idea of a modern world without automobiles unimaginable" (Nye 17). Reading about Japan's rejection of the gun and the Amish and Mennonites' overall rejection of modern technology provided a whole new prospective on the necessity of technology. I still feel a dependence on technology, personally, but what do you guys think? Does technology play a huge role in your lives? Or do you prefer to limit your technological usage, maybe not to the extreme extent that the Amish do, but still limit it?


  1. Interesting questions, AC, and where we can start class discussion tomorrow.

  2. I'd also like to discuss your experiences having class in Second Life, and see how we can connect it to some of the ideas Nye raises.

  3. I do feel that technology plays a huge role in our lives, and although I have love/hate relationship with technology I find myself very depended upon it. But I wonder if we the US had taken the approach of the other countries regarding the rejection of technology, we would probably have better communication skills.