Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selling Stories

Technology Matters, pg. 35, middle of the page.

"All technological predictions are in essence little narratives about the future. They are not full scale narratives of utopia, but they are usually presented as stories about a better world to come."

Stories of a better world is to me, what gives humans hope. This hope has a very strong emotion that we humans must have had to have in order to perservere through the early times of humans and now as well. We've done it through technology and music as well.

This is why I think music is so important because songs are essentially stories which are emotions. Imagine what life would be without stories of hope? If they were all stories of despair would we have continued on as a species? And back to technology, if people forecasted technology with the emotion of doom would we want it to be made or would we want to suppress it?

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