Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My, how our communication has Changed?!?...

I thought that it was interesting how they were so fixated on the laptop and getting this important information from it. Certain phrases like "He told Keiko he'd given it to you, so I wasn't worried. E-mail me." Click. (pg. 165)

After reading this, it really made me wonder and have some self reflection on how often I say to people, "E-mail Me" just to avoid personal conversation.

"I want to talk, but it has to be later. I'm sorry." (pg. 165)

Statements like this make me wonder how our natural way of communication is dying.

So I must ask How has our communication changed? And which type of communication do you prefer? And why?

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  1. The fact that we humans simplify and make relations more superficial or maybe unconsciously little false thru internet exists in our world. And actually internet brings you this possibility, while real life forces you to relate eye to eye and re-learn how to be truth. Since we were kids, we loose a bit of our honesty and natural reactions, and internet give's you the possibility to be what you wish, without having to deal with real life things. In music, a teacher of mine said that students should stop being in their own little "eletronic" world and bring their ideas and dreams to a room full of other people with different ideas and dreams, and jam more, to share. I agree. In the other hand, how technology has developed and saved many lives. Do you think that tech has saved more lives or killed?