Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teleport your Soul

 “Souls can’t move that quickly, and are left behind, and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage.” (Pattern Recognition, pg 2)

Genius Gibson.  Imagine if we could Teleport ourselves to any place instantly. Do you think that we would have the same relations between humans? Would feelings like fear, or loneliness, or attachment be found so frequently in our lives? How would it affect our souls?

…October 5th. She woke up in a dark street in Italy. The day before, she had lost her purse in a coffee shop in Paris. Without her home keys, she kept going back to this one place where she thought that she would have lost it, a furniture store in Budapest.  Back home, in Chicago, she didn’t find any sign of life from her husband, and she imagines where would he be? His phone was off. Maybe he was in a conference in one of those countries that did not have the facilities of Global Signal. They haven’t seen each other since her birthday in July, and she wondered how nice would be if she could see him everyday. They were married in a contract of physical freedom, and for the first time, she regrets it…. 


  1. I know I'm probably not supposed to comment since I wrote an entry this week, so I'll leave the question up to others to answer... but I found the soul references particularly interesting as well. I especially liked when Gibson writes: "her lack of serotonin, the delayed arrival of her soul," implying that the soul of a person directly affects the energy said person might have.

  2. She's physically exhausted as her circadian cycle is messed up from the jet lag. I thought it was clever how Gibson connected the soul with something so physiological.