Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Russian mafia has no sense of personal space

At the end of the book, the reader finds out that Cayce's apartment had been monitored by the Russian mafia from the moment she first mentioned the possibility of its involvement with the footage (even if only in jest).

She asks, towards the beginning of her interest in the footage, the other members in the footage forum, "Why couldn't it [the maker], say, be some Russian mafia kingpin, with a bent for self-expression, a previously undiscovered talent, and the wherewithal to generate and disseminate the footage? That's deliberately farfetched, but [...]" (Gibson 277). She's only kidding about the Russian mafia's involvement with the footage, but she turned out to be spot on.

From that moment on, which it is implied to be some time ago (way before her involvement with Blue Ant or her trip to London), the Russian mafia had kept tabs on Cayce by invading her apartment to monitor her phone calls and emails. They also stole her psychologist's records and had Dorotea keep track of her, even in New York.

Cayce seems to take all of this information without of a reaction.

My question is: How would you feel if you found out you had been monitored and watched for months, possibly even longer? What aspects of yourself do you think might change after hearing about being watched? Would you feel violated, as I believe I would, or would you take all this information in without much of a reaction, like Cayce?


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  2. Well, I think we are all being monitored and watched from government organizations implementing the patriot act to business’s finding loopholes in ascertaining personal data for direct marketing. Below are two recent examples of how our society today is monitored-

    “The PATRIOT Act permits the FBI to conduct so-called “sneak and peek” searches - where the FBI can search someone's home or office without notifying them until weeks or even months later - in criminal cases, including cases having nothing to do with terrorism.”
    Oct 29,2007

    Echometrix, a company offering web monitoring software for parents, has been alleged by a privacy group, to have collected and sold data about children.

    “In June, a company named, EchoMetrix launched a new data-mining service, Pulse, which gleans marketing insights by examining content created by teens. "Every single minute, Pulse is aggregating the Web's social media outlets such as chat and chat rooms, blogs, forums, instant messaging, and Web sites to extract meaningful user generated content from your target audience, the teens," the company says on its Web site.” Sept 30,2009

    I would feel violated too aclockworkorange, but maybe its all about who’s doing the monitoring and why. Maybe Win Pollards teaching to Cayce on the conspiracy theory (p.352) –“ is not so often about us; we are most often the merest of cogs in larger plans.

  3. aclockworkorange-that's a good observation and question. Cayce does seem unaffected by the fact that she's been spied on. I can imagine that maybe she is this cool because be she herself has been doing her own share of spying. If I were NOT participating in the spying on of others then I think I would feel very scared, violated, and angry. If I were spying too and being spied on in this case I think I would be less reactionary like.

  4. My mom actually had my sister and I followed in high school, I think when I was about 15 or 16 years old. It was kinda creepy and upsetting when we found out about it. My sister and I did feel very violated, and we lost a lot of trust in our mom. The whole situation didn't affect me as much as my sister, but it was still really upsetting and strange. If I were in Cayce's situation, I would feel way more paranoid than she plays off. She seems pretty calm for everything she had to go through.

  5. I would definitely freak out.
    I couldn't believe Cayce's reaction. I think tha she respects the world around her too much. Of course thats Gibson's way of reaching us in a certain way. To represent how things in life happens and sometimes does not matter, we can't do nothing to change.