Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Up With Mama Anarchia??

Just a few chapters ago I felt like I was starting to trust Dorotea when she was hired by Bigend. Not complete trust but more than I've felt so far. And now.....what's up with Mama Anarchia! We learn that she and Cayce are not friends. Parkaboy has this hatred toward her. Ivy is being falsely befriended by Mama to get info about Cayce. With all this said I smell... a Dorotea! Do you think Mama Anarchia and Dorotea are the same person or closely connected somehow?

Maybe she's not Dorotea but it does go to show that you just don't know who the person is online. You can't always know what someone looks like or what their intentions are. By the middle of pg 224 (hardcover) "At best they have exchanged a few strained messages.......Although Mama Anarchia has no way, that Cayce knows of,......... Creepy. She takes a deep breath." She comforts herself with "He took a duck in the face at two hundred and fifty knots." At this point Cayce is feeling creeped out and wondering, what's up with Mama Anarchia?

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  1. Good call!! I didn't really see that coming... mostly because she was talking different that she did online: "But I have a little puppenkopf (puppet-head), to help me. I say what I need to say, and he translates it into the language of Anarchia, to so annoy your most annoying friend." Dorotea smiles (p.325). This woman is so evil... and it's kind of strange how she just "disappears" at the end. Maybe the mafia took care of her.