Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pattern Recognition Blog 2

Since I've been reading this book, 'Pattern Recognition' I am noticing how many labels and logos there are.....and they're everywhere! Trademarks have alot of research and development that have gone into them. So much psychology that has been taken into consideration so that humans will behave in a way that makes them identify with the product and continue to buy it over a long period of time. Given all of the nuance that is associated with these labels I can understand how a person such a Cayce could be so overwhelmed by certain symbols.

What is Gibson saying so far about 'pattern recognition'? What does he mean by this?


  1. That is a great commentary and question.
    l was thinking when Parkaboy tells Cayce to escape from the films that she have been assembling because "Homo sapiens are about pattern recognition".
    How does been rational animals make us be all about pattern recognition? Not only instincts.
    I read this book about people that woke up from "brain paralysis", where people discover this medicine in the 60's that would make them wake up, and they could not survive, after 30 years "sleeping", the world was so different, many of their familiars were gone and they just could not understand things like, "plastic plates", or new electronics. They would be really disturbed by the new world.
    So it just makes me think that our patter recognitions involve understanding the process of why and how things are created and that we humans naturally(unconsciously) tend to repeat what we already know instead of searching the new.

  2. For Cayce, I understand that it is her job to be the first to recognize a new pattern and then market it. I think it is because she is so AWARE of logos and trademarks everywhere that she is able to see something new and different to help a company's new product or reinvention of an old one.

    I think Gibson also ties pattern recognition in with the obsession of the footage and figuring out if the watermark can help piece them together or not. By looking back at old footage, is it possible to recognize a pattern or something new that wasn't seen or really thought of before when first viewed?

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  4. I think Gibson is displaying how so many things that form our daily lives are based on pattern recognition. Pattern recognition, such as relating a good cup of coffee to a symbol, pattern or number. From the moment we arise in the morning we are bombarded with advertisements filled with logos telling us how to dress, what to eat and what to buy. Through these daily bombardments, we can now associate any ad fragment to the full ad itself. Just as viewing the logo of a green or brown deer makes one think of tractors or hunting.
    Bigends reasons for starting the Blue Ant agency is ‘for that one simple recognition”. He also states the Blue Ant purpose as,“ all truly viable advertising addresses that older, deeper mind beyond language and knowledge.” Gibson shows how advertising agencies will go to great lengths in finding the new logo that will affect the individual (and populace) on an emotional and visual level to buy unconsciously.

  5. Nowadays we are constantly bombarded with advertisement in all areas of our life. Every single product we buy and consume is the result of a heavy and very thoughtful process of advertisement. Like Cayce, people make a living out of this and I believe some talent is required for this job.

    What’s the meaning of this separation between her soul and her body?